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Expert – a person with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject derived from formal and traditional training.
Unconventional Expert – an expert who reached mastery through informal and non-traditional means, with or without formal or traditional training.

Experts, aspiring experts and potential experts are welcome here; to develop expert-skills for personal, career and organizational advancement.

Company leadership, hiring managers, HR professionals and corporate trainers will use this website for meetings and trainings, when using the Culture of Experts program; found at CultureOfExperts.com.

Unconventional Workshop 1

Expert is in our DNA

When pre-humans invented the world’s first complex cutting tools, they also developed the world’s first expert-level skilled trades people. By chiseling rocks, expert tool makers were able to create keen cutting tools with a variety of edges, for a sharper cut. These tools were advantageous over the first cutting tools, which were simply sharp rocks; and very similar to primitive tools that are made by monkeys …

Unconventional Workshop 2

Choosing Expert

Unconventional Experts may or may not be traditional professionals or traditional skilled trades workers; however, the work in front of them often falls outside of the establishment and traditional ways of thinking. What they do cannot be learned in schools. Often, the work in front of them cannot be completed by using structured, repetitive, task-oriented or process-driven methods …

Unconventional Workshop 3

Unconventional Positions

For industry and global perspectives, white collar and blue collar designations might make sense. At a company or worker level, they are a gross oversimplification, as they do not take into account the complexity of the work that is being performed or the work that needs to be done. For the purpose of this website, we will ignore white collar and blue collar designations and use four groups that revolve around necessary skills …

Unconventional Workshop 4

Unconventional Expert Characteristics

In the age of the internet, information is quickly at our fingertips. Because of this, there is a new breed of experts. Where traditional institution-guided experts are deeply rooted within stationary schools of thought, this new breed of experts will thrive on real-time information, with the use of the internet as a tool. Outside of a standardized way of thinking, they will focus on the relevancy of information …

Unconventional Workshop 5

Expert-Trek: The Journey to Mastery

The expert-trek is more than an individual work-process or work-journey. It is an expert’s long-term commitment to achieve mastery within a chosen circumference of expertise. When traditional institution-guided experts commit to an expert-trek, their circumference of expertise is generally outlined by their profession or trade, and mastery is expected …

The 10 steps of the Individual Work Process

Unconventional Workshop 6

Individual Work-Process 1: Foster Curiosity

Unconventional Workshop 7

Individual Work-Process 2: Initiate Activity

Unconventional Workshop 8

Individual Work-Process 3: Gain Relevant information

Unconventional Workshop 9

Individual Work-Process 4: Discover Possibilities

Unconventional Workshop 10

Individual Work-Process 5: Strategize

Unconventional Workshop 11

Individual Work-Process 6: Commit to a Project

Unconventional Workshop 12

Individual Work-Process 7: Create Ideas

Unconventional Workshop 13

Individual Work-Process 8: Realize Ideas

Unconventional Workshop 14

Individual Work-Process 9: Test Ideas

Unconventional Workshop 15

Individual Work-Process 10: Use Failure as a Platform

Unconventional Workshop 16

Individual Work-Process 11: Repeat all or part

Unconventional Workshop 17

Individual Work-Process 12: Find Achievement

Unconventional Workshop 18

Individual Work-Process Bonus: Gain Mastery

Unconventional Workshop 19

Be a Protege

The Mentor-protege structure is an extremely powerful form of education that is mostly overlooked within our society. Thousands of years ago, before a formal educational system was developed, it was a primary way of passing knowledge and skills, from one person to another …

Unconventional Workshop 20

Behavior Within Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has an organic component, which is the group dynamics that occurs when human beings come together for a unified purpose. Group dynamics can be different from department to department, however, there is always a company-wide dynamic that might be better described as an impression …

Unconventional Workshop 21

AI Robots: Who Will Be Replaced?

AI will be the next world-altering technological advancement. Soon, AI software applications, AI robots and AI self-driving vehicles will be advanced enough to outperform humans with many tasks, eliminating far more jobs than they add. AI adoption will be a matter of economics and companies that chose to ignore obvious financial advantages will not be able to compete …

Unconventional Workshop 22

Mentoring Students – The Expert Way

It is important to encouraging students to chose an educational path that can lead them to a place that is rich with opportunity. They should also understand that they have the ability, if not responsibility, to become experts at whatever it is they do …


Unconventional Workshop 23


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