An Employee Workshop for Aspiring Experts

Unconventional Workshop 15

Use Failure as a Platform

Individual work-process 10

1) Foster curiosity
2) Initiate activity
3) Gain relevant information
4) Discover possibilities
5) Strategize
6) Commit to a project
7) Create ideas
8) Realize ideas
9) Test ideas, find success or failure
10) Use failure as a platform for new and better ideas
11) Repeat part or all of the process
12) Eventually, find achievement
Bonus – Ultimately, gain some level of mastery

As human beings, we have the potential to become experts. As experts, we have the potential to greatly benefit the human kind.

Getting back on the horse
Perseverance is an obvious part of success. Nothing good comes easy. Overcoming failure is part of perseverance, being able to start again, even when faced with failure.

Entrepreneurs use the word pivot, when describing how to \

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